Ramblings of a Red-headed Snippet

As you can probably deduce from the title, I am a red-head; a natural red-head. (I always get asked this because of my unique shade of red, I am an auburn red versus ginger red!!)

I am sassy, bold, outrageous, witty, outgoing, spontaneous, gregarious, genuine, love to laugh, cherish the simple pleasures in life, a hopeless romantic, undeniably passionate and yes, at times can be highly inappropriate and quite dirty... (you have been warned!! *eye twinkle*)

Some of my favorite things (include but definitely isn't limited to):
Books, witty conversations, skiing, dinner parties, boating at Lake Powell, cliff jumping, star-gazing, foreplay, old school vampires, the ocean, kissing, music that takes my breath away, flirting, halloween, sudoku, ghost stories, long drives, talking dirty, walks on the beach, tea, camping, skinny-dipping, cooking, sand between my toes, my family and friends, running, laughing so hard you can't breath, pictures of doors (yeah, kind of weird, but we all have our thing), awe-inspiring quotes, monumental views, HUGE showers and bathtubs (mischief managed... ;) heart-tugging moments, trying new restaurants, writing my thoughts down, autumn, roman candle wars, pumpkin spice, traveling, story-telling... *catching breath* the list could go on...